Winter Lunch

Winter Lunch

Winter is officially here. ❄

We have had rain, wind and now snowstorms here in New Jersey. At the end of a long school week, my daughters are ready for the weekend.

Saturday morning comes and they are up early (which really cracks me up because you can’t pay these girls to wake up early on their own during the week for school! )

Ready to bundle up and head outside to play in the backyard in their playhouse or ride their bikes around the neighborhood. A common phrase when they come in from playing is,
” Mom we are freezing what is for lunch? Can we have soup and grilled cheese sandwiches to warm us up?”

Because I know this comment is coming from my kids, I have learned to prepare myself. My children love all kinds of soups, one of their favorite soups is vegetable soup so I try to keep some on hand in the freezer. I can pull out a container and heat up on the stove when requested.

Grilled cheese sandwiches, well that is another story. The girls take their sandwiches profoundly serious! They have graduate from the traditional wheat bread with American cheese to

Gruyere cheese, fresh sourdough from the bakery and fig jams lathered in between the sandwich. Their cooking method of choice is no longer the skillet but the panini machine.  

There are endless variations of grill cheese sandwiches but here are two of my favorites. And an easy recipe for vegetable soup! 🥣

Grilled Cheese Recipe Below


I always use sourdough bread. Being from San Francisco I cannot help myself 😊. My favorite these days is a nice sourdough loaf sliced from Brooklyn Breads. 


Gruyere or White Cheddar are the cheeses of choice in our home. 


For the Gruyere we use 2 tablespoons of Divina Fig Spread and spread on grated cheese prior to placing on panini press.

For the White Cheddar we use 2 tablespoons of Stonewalls Kitchen Apple Cider Jam and spread on grated cheese prior to placing on panini press 


Spread butter on outside of each slice and turnover with butter facing down on plate. Add grated cheese of your choice to bread spoon in condiment of your choice.

Place the other slice of bread on top and place in panini press. Cook until golden brown and edges are crispy !  

Enjoy ! 😊

Cheers, Chef Jamie

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