Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Thank you to those who have asked questions about entertaining during the pandemic.

I would like to address one of the questions that was posed to me about having a small space and still trying to create a special and beautiful table scape. 

Having a small space does not mean that you cannot create something beautiful or memorable.

Look at it from this perspective: You are creating an intimate, more personal space for you and your guest. 
With Valentine’s Day Approaching Let’s create and celebrate!

You will need the following:

-Dishes, Flatware, Stemware

 Depending on your tabletop or countertop you may or may not need to cover it. If so, you can find small festive tablecloths or short runners at stores like Macy’s, Marshall’s, Home Goods, Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. There is also the option to purchase a piece of fabric to cover the area with as well. I have chosen to cover my countertop and I am going to use a piece of fabric I found at Hobby Lobby.
Next, lets decide on the décor - do you want to do fun and festive or a romantic space?  Let’s do a little of both! I am going to use pink, red, black and white and also incorporate some photos into my space. I have borrowed my children’s roll of white art paper that I will use as a runner on the fabric and add personalized messages to my valentines on it.
If you are setting a breakfast or lunch table, you do not need candles. (Rule of thumb: you typically do not burn candles in the daylight you will not be able to see the glow) If you are setting a dinner table, by all means use candles! 

Let’s set the table! 

1. Lay down your tablecloth or runner. If you are incorporating a centerpiece place in center as your center point for everything else happening on the table.  Place down all dishes, glasses and stemware and flatware. Add in your finishing touches (name cards, candy, candles, photos, gifts, )
2. Step back and look at your table from all sides to make sure that your tablescape looks amazing from all angles. 
3. Enjoy your dining experience! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Accent Drawing doodle with tea

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