December 17, 2020

How to Set a Festive Holiday Table for Pennies

How to Set a Festive Holiday Table for Pennies

When you see images of holiday tables on social media are you inclined to think that it took a fortune to design that table? Well, the answer is yes to some, but you can create a beautiful table setting for pennies on the dollar and I will show you how! Whether I am planning an event for a client or for family gatherings during the holiday season, my most favorite aspect of these events is the setting of the table. Creating a beautiful and memorable table adds to the dining experience that is going to happen.

So lets get started!

  1. Figure out the number of guests you are inviting, what your serving, and your theme for your table (traditional green and red, hues of blue and silver, tartan, metallics, etc.)
  2. Use what you have!  Check your china cabinet or wherever you keep any extra dishes, and holiday décor.
  3. Assess what you have and make a list of what you need.
....Here Comes My Favorite Part!

I have been called the Queen of Bargain Finds quite a few times in my life! I like to mix and match high end with my fantabulous bargains! Let us start with the actual place setting and then move to the décor. The color scheme I will be using this year for my holiday celebration is white and metallics. I will do two different place settings one with silver tones and the other with gold tones.

For the silver I will be using my dinner plate, and salad plate from my wedding china (made by Noritake) (no cost😊) with white striped dinner napkins I found at Home Goods (6 to a pack for $15.99). Once you starch and press them, they will look like a million bucks. For the glasses I will use wine glasses (SVALKA 6 pack 4.99) and champagne flutes (STORSINT 6 pack 14.99) from Ikea.

For the flatware, I rented from a local party rental company, a traditional silver flatware set (dinner fork, salad fork, and dinner knife at $.80 per piece) I will use an assortment of jeweled and pearled napkin rings that I found online at the Face Book Marketplace. And to top off the napkin I will be clipping a white shimmery poinsettia flower that I believe is really an ornament! I found them at Walmart in the tree décor aisle for $.99 a piece, while I was waiting for my prescription to be filled. Score!!!

For the gold set I will be using a clear acrylic charger with gold beading that I found at Hobby Lobby for $2.00per charger. A white plate with gold trim will be placed on top of the charger that I found online. Can you believe from the Dollar Tree!  So, then you know how much I paid for them right?

I had no idea that they even sold dishes and glasses for entertaining! So again score!!! I will be using a gold and silver trimmed salad plate from another holiday place setting that I own. I purchased it last year after Christmas from Target the salad plates were $1.98.

So now that we have our place setting, lets adorn the table. I am going to first lay down some branches from the trimming off our Christmas Tree right down the center of the tablecloth. Next, I will add one 6 ft. gold and silver garland strand I purchased at Michael’s (for $14.99 originally $29.99). You want to serpentine the garland strand to give it some depth.

You Are Almost to the Finish Line

Now I start to add my candles, ornaments, pictures of friends attending the party, holiday statues (not to tall so it does not block the view of the guest sitting across the table that you will be speaking to during dinner)

Finally place your plate settings and to finish it off you can add place cards for your guest. There are many options for this. You can do a traditional cardstock place card where you can find just about anywhere, or you can get as fancy as you want. I will be using laser cut acrylic from Etsy ($2.00 each name) This will add another layer of glam to your place setting.

When you get creative and mix and match like this, you create an opportunity to spurge on an aspect of your event because you have saved a considerable amount of money.

You can set your table a day in advance and cover your table with a light tablecloth to prevent any dust collection. Wear a great dress, cute heals, put on some lipstick, and have a great time!

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