December 17, 2020

Chasing the Illusive Hot Chocolate Bombs

Chasing the Illusive Hot Chocolate Bombs

#HotChocolateBombs ☕

As winter approached this year, I began perusing various websites to see how people were spending the holidays.  In several feeds that I skimmed over, I kept seeing “#hotchocolatebombs”. I thought it had to do with bath bombs!! My daughter’s babysitter asked me had I seen them in the stores and I quickly said no, the girls (my daughters) do not like those things in their baths. She laughed and said "No, you drink them!"

She showed them to me on Instagram and then I was intrigued and insistent about finding them. When I realized that people were selling them for as much as $80 and not one store in our area had them in stock ...

I knew I was going to have to figure out how to make them. 🤔

The recipe called for milk chocolate and white chocolate discs, which are typically easy to find at your local Michael’s. Not this time. The recipe called for mini marshmallows, I struck out again. I was able to find one bottle of Christmas sprinkles and a package of crushed candy canes. After failing in finding some of the ingredients, I had to take my husband’s advice, “Be smarter than the…..”

Time to Think Smarter, NOT Harder!

When I realized I may not be able to make the hot chocolate that I saw online, I got creative. I used Nestle’s milk chocolate and white chocolate chips, I found unicorn rainbow small marshmallows and unicorn sprinkles I went back to Michaels and got pink, teal, and light purple food coloring for the décor. The finished product was a Christmas Unicorn hot chocolate bomb. My daughters assisted me in making them today on the first snow day of the season! Simply perfect for them after playing out in the two feet of snow!

Recipe Below ⬇



-1 Cup semi chocolate chips or milk chocolate chips plus extra for drizzling the top of the bombs.
-5 Tbsp. hot chocolate mix
-3-4 unicorn marshmallows (these are medium size marshmallows. If using the mini marshmallows add ¼ cup)
-2 Tbsp. Sprinkles or other decorations (I used unicorn sprinkles for this recipe. Purchased from Marshall’s)


-2 Silicone Molds (6 molds on each)
-Rubber spatula
-Small teaspoon
-Glass bowl to melt chocolate
-Ziploc Bag
-1 plate (warmed in microwave)


STEP 1: Place chips in glass bowl and heating microwave in 2-minute intervals. As the chips begin to appear soft start to stir them with rubber spatula. When chips have completely melted stir chocolate with rubber spatula to temper the chocolate.

Stir Chocolate Chips with rubber spatula

STEP 2: Place the chocolate molds on a baking sheet. Add about 3 teaspoons of chocolate to each cavity of the molds and, using the spoon, spread the chocolate to cover the inside making sure to get right to the edges. Extra chocolate add to Ziploc bag. Snip the edge of the bag to prepare for piping. Place bag to the side.

Adding extra chocolate in a ziploc bag

STEP 3: Place the tray in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes to allow the chocolate to set.

STEP 4: Gently begin to bend the molds with your hands to loosen the chocolate spheres. Place on sheet tray with clean paper towel.

Removing Chocolate Spheres from silicone mold

STEP 5: Add hot chocolate and marshmallows to 6 of the halves.

Add hot chocolate mix

STEP 6: Place plate in microwave and heat for 4 minutes. Remove and place next to your work area.

STEP 7: Place an empty shell face down on the warm plate to heat the edge. When you see the edge beginning to melt, remove from the plate and press to a filled half. Hold in place for a few seconds to help seal.

use warm plate to heat edges

STEP 8: Repeat this process with the remaining spheres.

seal after adding choloate mix inside the sphere

STEP 9: Place the tray back in the freezer for a few minutes to make sure the chocolate seal has set.

STEP 10: Remove from the freezer, decorate with a drizzle of melted chocolate and sprinkles,

add sprinkles

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