Celebrate Good Times! Come On!

Celebrate Good Times! Come On!

These are the iconic words from Cool and The Gang’s 80’s hit “Celebrate”.

Turning 50 years old this year and launching a new website and business calls for a celebration! This year’s celebration looked very different than what I had planned for this milestone. But when in Rome….. For my 50th birthday, I celebrated with my husband and daughter at home and close friends and family on aZoom party.  Which was absolutely amazing!

To create a festive birthday vibe at home I set out to have create a colorful tablescape that would incorporate balloons, flowers and pictures of my life over the last 50 years. My sisters played a big party in making my birthday special by sending me various milestone party favors like ; glasses, sashes, a commemorative wine glass, tea mug, a birthday cake from one of my favorite bakeries in Washington DC. Fresh hand rolled lumpia for me to cook and snack on. With all this in tow, I was ready to create my space!

I headed for the flower district in New York around 5:00am to pick out fresh flowers and any vases that I needed for my table. The colors I chose for the table were going to be blues, purple, pink, and white. Once I found the flowers I wanted, I headed home to create the table!

Flower Hack: As soon as you get home put your flowers in a bucket with warm water. This will help your flowers to open up some before placing them in vases

Here’s How:

  1. Pick the dishes, glassware, stemware, linen or place mats you want to use.
  2. Pick the vases, bowls, cups or pitchers you want to use to place your flowers in.
  3. Set the containers you have chosen for your flowers on the table in the layout you want to get an idea of what it will look like.
  4. Begin to cut flowers down to the size of your containers and create arrangements. 
Party Planning Hack: Use scotch tape and create a grid of four squares or six squares on top of the container you are placing the flowers in. This will allow you to create the shape you want and help you to strategically place flowers where you want 😊
  1. Place completed arrangements on the table in the layout you have chosen. Once all flowers are done step back and look at the arrangement layout from all sides and make sure that it looks interesting from each angle where there is someone eating. Shift and move things around if you have to.
  2. Next, place down table settings. Incorporate any special birthday party favors to the table as well.
  3. Décor: Add in assorted picture frames around the table to create conversations about the various times in your life. 
  4. Balloons…. You can’t have a birthday party without balloons ! I used the same color balloons as flowers for the table. 
  5. Idea: If you can get your balloons filled with “stay float” then try hanging individual pictures from the balloons instead. I suggest using 4x6 photos, they work the best.

    10. Add small bowls of the guest of honors favorite candy to the table. This gives another pop of color!

Voilà!  You have an amazing table befitting for the guest of honor !

Enjoy !

Accent Drawing doodle with tea

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